Animate Something

Intro to Computational Media

Here was my original concept:

  1. Static image of man blowing a bubble with chewing gum
  2. Mouse over bubble to make it grow in size
  3. When screen is consumed by gum, user can click bubble to reveal image of a man with gum all over his face.
  4. Reset to static image.

This is what I ended up with:






The first problem I ran into was getting the bubble to grow on the mouseover. This was mainly because of syntax issues (shit like, “if (199 <  mouseX < 301)”). There was a long time when the gum would expand regardless of mouse position but I think that was due to a misplaced semicolon.

The biggest issue I had was revealing the image at the end. I was able to figure out the “mouseIsPressed” command, but couldn’t do anything with “mouseClicked,” “mousePressed” or “mouseReleased”. It is unclear to me how to create appropriate variables and then set them to true or false. When I finally gave up, I was still unable to figure out how to leave the jpeg up on the screen without continuously pressing the mouse, and I was also unable to reset the image.

The last thing I need to work on is removing the fixed numbers from my code. The arbitrary numbers have got to go. Go where? I dunno, stick them in Trump’s “Border Wall Budget Sheet” and have Mexico figure it out.

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