A Servo, a Piezo, and the least efficient way to play NBA2K

Physical Computing

This lab did not have fruitful beginnings. To mix things up a bit, I tried to use a temperature sensor instead of a photocell, but I was getting an unworkably small range. I decided to “troubleshoot” by removing a resistor. I shorted the circuit and burnt my finger when I went to test the temperature sensor. Photocells it is!

Here’s what the circuit looked like when I got burnt:


Here is the functioning circuit:


I attached a rubber band to my Servo and wrapped it around a Joystick. Here is the result (Max Chomet with the assist):

This is the set up to get my piezo to play  a couple of notes:


Here is the ditty:

And finally, here is the three-note keyboard. This took forever because it didn’t occur to me that my three photocells would have three completely different ranges!

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