Color Composition

Visual Language

Here are the photographs that inspired my color composition. This is where I park my bike every day:


This is the view of Brooklyn from my terrace:


Street view from my terrace:

sidewalk-view-from-terrace trees-from-terrace

The coffee shop I live at:


I pass by the fountain in City Hall Park on my commute home:


My favorite restaurant/bar in my neighborhood, Cowgirl Seahorse:


The Brooklyn Bridge. Photo taken from the East River bike path:


I couldn’t get a high quality picture of the red “Watchtower” sign, but it holds a lot of nostalgic significance for me–when I was younger my dad and I would sit on the deck of the South Street Seaport, eat candy and sing songs together while looking out on the water:


A historic ship parked at the pier:


A view of the ship while standing on the pier:


This is a photograph of what the South Street Seaport looked like in the 90’s, and this is how it looks in my mind’s eye:




Finally, a close-up shot of my hair and glasses.


For my color composition, I wanted to restyle my hair by making a digital collage out of the photos that I’d taken. I don’t think I’ve made a collage since elementary school, and as I started the project I realized how difficult it was to take snippets of photographs and get them to emulate “hair” in any way. It’s also funny how cutting out part of a photo can make it appear extremely ugly without the rest of the image surrounding it. There were several iterations of the collage that had water spraying from the fountain (which looked like spider legs), the reflection of the red Watchtower sign on the water (which was a sad red contextless blob), and the billowing American flag that looked so distorted in the collage it was basically desecration. Here is the final version. I wish it didn’t look like I had a huge broccoli floret stuck to my forehead, but oh well:


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