Create Your Own Business Card

Visual Language

The first thing I did was brainstorm possible logos using my initials:


Things got pretty wacky. I considered turning my two Ms into the sides of a tower with a “P” flag on top, but I realized that such a logo would only be appropriate for a feudal lord. Then in a flight of fancy I wanted to turn my Ms into lips and a mustache,  and the P into a pipe. I finally settled on an M-head self portrait (shown near the bottom of the page), using the signature purple streak in my hair. Here are two iterations:

m-head-logo-version-1    m-head-logo-version-2

I ultimately decided it was better to hide the bottom half of my face (my chin isn’t really my signature feature) and make the Ms more prominent. I’m not quite finished with the design–I’m going to change the glasses to make them look more like my actual glasses, and I’m going to play around with the colors to get a higher contrast between the background and the text. Here’s what it looks like printed out!


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