Non-Rectangular Box: Week 1

Piecing It Together

Assignment: Build a non-rectangular box. The box must have an opening and be able to stand up by itself.

Our group began by proposing ideas. Below is my “idea page” with the first ideas that came to mind. I thought it might be interesting to make a spherical UFO that would balance perfectly without tilting over. I was also interested in making an “illusion box”–using mirrors to make it look like the box was empty even if it wasn’t. There is also an obligatory sketch of a pussy box.

At the bottom of the image above, there’s a sketch of three masks that come together to make a box. I was riffing on JunChao’s idea of building an angular mask. We were most interested in this idea so we made a few more sketches and some cardboard prototypes:

In the image above, you can see a few sketches of how I thought we might accomplish the task of getting the masks to piece together and come apart. In the first sketch I was trying to imagine interlocking “teeth”. In the second sketch, I drew slits in the front of the masks to allow them to slide into one another. The slit idea is how I designed two of the cardboard prototypes below.

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