Forever Giphy Chat Bot

Twitter Bot Workshop

Assignment: Make a bot that responds to @-replies or direct messages. Use Digital Ocean to run this bot “forever” on a remote server.

My chat bot concept was to use the giphy api and tweet out a random gif using the content of the tweet as a tag. Here’s what I mean:

random_user: @GiphyChatBot chill
GiphyChatBot: @random_user [random gif that is tagged “chill”]

I think this qualifies as a chatbot because it simulates/automates a human interaction that might go like this:

Person 1: Hey bro, send me a Little Shop of Horrors gif
Person 2: Okay bro, here is your Little Shop of Horrors gif

The thing that I don’t love about the bot is that it only produces single-exchange interactions. It doesn’t create an extended conversation between user and bot. At any rate, here is an example tweet:

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