Drawing Music Part I: Building the Circuit

Tangible Interactions

Assignment: Make a musical instrument using the MIDI control protocol.

Concept: An interface where the user draws on a piece of paper to make music.


Layout: I knew that I was going to make homemade force sense resistors, but I wasn’t sure about the layout. At first I thought I would have three or four sensors of equal size side by side, but then the assignment of notes would feel too arbitrary. I liked the idea of concentric circles, but those don’t lend themselves to paper’s rectangularity. I finally decided on nested rectangles. The outermost FSR would produce the lowest notes, and the innermost FSR would produce the highest notes.

Ground Layer: Three pieces of conductive fabric and three wires leading to ground.

Complete Circuit: Sandwiched between the two layers of conductive fabric is a layer of Velostat, a material that is conductive and pressure sensitive. I think I must have made an error somewhere because when I press down on the FSRs the resistance goes *up* instead of down…but each FSR is giving me a fairly consistent baseline, so I think I can work with it!

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