Tangible Interactions

Assignment: Make a musical instrument using the MIDI control protocol.

Concept: An interface where the user draws on a piece of paper to make music.

Takeaways: In a way, it’s fitting that the “instrument” sounds like a child banging on a piano, because it represents Step One in the path towards musicianship. What I’ve created doesn’t really function as an instrument, but it is Step One in the path to Instrument Actualization. Here are my final takeaways.

  • Paper is more conductive than I thought.
  • If using the Software Serial library with a Leonardo, not all pins will work (I used pins 8 and 9).
  • I used conductive fabric when making the FSRs, but copper tape might have made more sense (easier to cut, don’t need to worry about fraying)
  • What is a good amount of FSRs, and what layout makes the most sense?
  • How do I solve the crazy note fluctuation and give the user more control over the notes that get produced?


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