Flower Fabrication Part I


The first image that struck me when conceptualizing my thesis was a room full of colorful gigantic flowers. My intention was to help transport the kids into the “honeybee mindset” by allowing them to interact with flowers that are more to scale with a bee’s POV.

Fabrication is not my strength so I consulted the Patron Saint of Crafts: Martha Stewart. Her website has an excellent tutorial on how to construct giant flowers using fabric. I modified the template a little bit based on the fabric swatches that I had purchased so I could get the most petals out of each swatch. Each petal is about 14 or 15 inches long, and made of two pieces of fabric bonded together with iron-on adhesive. In the center of each petal is a 20 inch piece of floral wire—this allows me to bend the petals into a desirable shape.

The tricky part has been securing the petals to the stem, which is made of armature wire. The blog recommended using floral tape, which adheres to itself very well, but adheres to wire very poorly. It was difficult to place the petals at equidistant points around the stem. I’ve only attached three petals so far because I need to leave room in the center for my arcade button!

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