Arcade Button Test


Wire up a 12v LED Arcade Push Button. The buttons will be embedded in the center of the giant flowers and will be the proxy for “pollination”.

I was able to get correct HIGH and LOW readings in the serial monitor for the push button, with the LED lighting up while the button was HIGH. However, the big challenge I had was keeping the LED turned on, even when the button was not being pressed. After searching around online for solutions, I found a blog that included a circuit diagram with a transistor. I modified my circuit to include a transistor, and voila! Here is my own diagram of the arcade button test circuit:

The reason this is important is because during the interaction I would like the kids to “pollinate” a flower by pushing on the button—and have the LED remain on to signal that the flower has already been pollinated.

The button works! Now I need to figure out how to mount the button and decide how best to disguise the wires (I will probably run the wires down the stem and stick the battery in the pot).

Bonus Content:
You can see the button proudly featured in my 100 Days of Making Post below.

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