Flower Fabrication Part II


Figuring out how to embed the arcade button into the center of the flower posed difficulties. The arcade button has a threaded plastic casing that allows you to secure it to a flat surface, like an arcade cabinet. I wanted to attach the button to the stem in a way that would be stable but not necessarily permanent (in case I would like to repurpose the buttons in the future). This was the best I could come up with:

I bent the armature wire to create a cradle for the arcade button, while still leaving the metal lugs exposed so I could add wiring after I’d finished constructing the flower. Then I wrapped the whole situation in gaffers tape. It’s not attractive, but it’ll work for now.

The next step was to add all the petals. Because I had issues with the floral tape in my 3-petal iteration I decided to mostly use gaffers tape to hold the petals in place.


I went to visit Ben Light to get some advice on the best way to fabricate the other flowers. He had two main concerns:

  1. Armature wire is too flexible and not strong enough for stem material. He suggested getting something with the same materiality as flexible tent poles.

2. In order for the flowers to stay upright, I need a base with a larger footprint (and the basic clay flower pot that I bought isn’t going to cut it).

Lindsey suggested using PVC pipe for the stem, and planting it in a super huge flower pot, then potentially weighing down the flower pot with a layer of concrete. Because I don’t have the time or the money to purchase 7 huge flower pots and fill them with concrete, for my proof-of-concept installation I’ve decided that the flowers will be stemless and place them directly on the floor.

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